Welcome to the Minister Credential Renewal System!

Thank you for choosing to fill out your credential renewal electronically.
We are very glad you have chosen to be a minister with our Fellowship!
May the Lord bless you abundantly as you faithfully serve Him.

The Minister Renewal Credentialing site has moved. If you have saved the Minister Renewal Credentialing site as a browser favorite, please change the URL of the favorite to use https://MinisterRenewal.ag.org.
Thank you for your interest in renewing credentials. Please contact your district office for reinstatement information. This site is scheduled to re-open for renewing of credentials by November 1, 2017. More information will be emailed to minsters with AGPassport logins. Please be sure your email address is current, by logging in to your personal account at https://agpassport.ag.org, and clicking on the My Profile tab.
Please note: After the deadline of December 31 (11:59pm CST for online renewals), renewals submitted online (or mailed) will require a $50 late fee, split equally between the District Council and General Council ($25 each). Please contact your district to see if they charge additional late fees. The online credentialing renewal system will only be available through 11:59 PM (CST), Monday, January 16, 2017. From January 16 on, please contact your district office for reinstatement information. Thank you!

Here are some general instructions regarding renewing:

  • Online renewers: A PDF document with step-by-step instructions on using the Minister Renewal Credentialing site is available; click here. Should you need to leave the credential renewal process before completion, you may return to this site at a later time and continue with the last screen you visited. To return and continue, you will want to sign in by clicking the "Sign in with AGPassport" button. Upon completion of your renewal, the request will be sent to your district office automatically. E-mail notifications will be sent to you when the renewal is approved by the district office, first, and then by the national office.
  • Active AGWM personnel: You will not receive a hardcopy renewal in the mail. Should you need assistance with completing your renewal online, please contact your district office.
  • Non-participating districts: If your district is not participating in the online renewal submission system, please return the completed hardcopy renewal that is mailed to you. Contact your district office if you have not received your renewal by December 1. (A complete list of districts can be found at: http://districts.ag.org.)
  • Please Note: The renewal system will be open through January 16, 11:59pm CST. The General Council portion of the late fee will automatically be assessed for those who renew January 1, 12:00AM CST through January, 16, 11:59PM CST. Please renew early to avoid late fees!
  • Duly authorized district representatives: If you have been given permission to complete renewals on behalf of credentialed ministers, please click "Use Easy Start" below.

NOTICE: The Assemblies of God Online Minister Renewal process requires the use of Adobe's free PDF Reader version 9 or greater. If you do not have this software installed, please click here to begin installing it now.